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Personalised Leather atelier founded in 2014 to empower special needs youths through professional leather training program

Personalised Love(PLove) is a social enterprise specialising in handcrafted leather artisanal and corporate gifts by special needs artisans. The leather gifts can be personalised as well as customised to individual and corporate gifting needs.  


PLove is founded on the belief that each special needs individual is gifted and we embrace each individuals’ talent.  Our mission is to empower special needs persons through various empowerment programs and inclusive employment with the objective of maximizing the full potential of each individual.  It is our desire to celebrate the gifts in each individual, regardless of their disabilities, empowering them as dignified members of society.  


Currently we employ and train special needs artisans with various disability; Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mild Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy and multiple disabilities.


Personalised Love's training and work integration model has filled a gap in the current market for many special needs youths by customising training and employment to create a dignified career pathway for these youths who are graduates from SPED Schools.


We achieve this by equipping these special needs youths with design & leather crafting skills and also marketing their creations as retail and corporate gifts.  Each piece of work will come with the Maker's Story to promote awareness and also inclusiveness amongst the community.   Instead of thinking of PLove as just a training organisation or just an employer, we would like to think that we are a Social Enterprise which can transform the lives of those we train and employ. 


As part of our mission of promoting social inclusion, we also conduct team bonding activities through leather crafting with our artisans, the teams are transformed through carefully planned activities and social interactions with the special needs community, we hope to seed the culture of change: instilling empathy, embracing diversity and celebrate eachother’s strength in teamwork.

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