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Our Artisans

Siti Halizah is a 21-year-old young adult with mild intellectual disability, she is a pleasant, cheerful and helpful girl. She loves floral arrangement and crafts. Her talent for the latter was only discovered during the training workshops conducted by PLove 3 years ago, since them she has worked at PLove as an artisan.  Siti has made tremendous improvement in terms of craftsmanship and confidence in the years that she worked in PLove, she is now able to work as an assistant trainer, imparting her knowledge to other special needs trainees.  It is the hope of her family that Siti is able to realise her full potential through her work at PLove.

from Siti Halizah's family

Batrisyia is a 19-year-old girl with ataxic cerebral palsy. She is a cheerful and adventurous girl who loves to listen to music and surfs the Internet in her spare time. Her cheerful attitude is evident through her leathercraft work and she perseveres in her efforts to produce high quality leather products despite using mainly one hand to sew.

Batrisyia joined PLove as an apprentice in Jan 2017. Joining PLove has greatly boosted her self-confidence and she has also learnt to make new friends along the way. She takes pride in her work and cherishes the friendships she has made in her journey with PLove. 

from Batrisyia's family

Ambika is a 19-year-old youth with hearing impairment. She is a loving and kind girl who enjoys interacting with her friends. Having hearing impairment has not stopped Ambika from wanting to share the skills she has learnt in PLove and to improve further on her leather crafting skills. She also has a keen interest in working with children and enjoys being a facilitator for PLove workshops where she has an opportunity to share her skills with children. 

Ambika joined PLove as an apprentice in Jan 2017. She excels in leather crafting and always strives to do the best in her work. Her journey with PLove has enriched her life greatly and helped her forge friendships which she treasures immensely. 

from Ambika's family

Siti Hanifah is a 22-year-old girl with mild intellectual disability, she is cheerful and loves to dress up in her free time. She also likes to help out in the family with simple cooking and washing.  When the school selected Siti to join the PLove Apprenticeship scheme in 2016, she was happy and looking forward to the new environment and new skills.

The training in PLove not only gave Siti a chance to discover her passion in leather crafting, she also overcame her psychological and health issues.  Now, she is meaningfully engaged in her workplace and found new friends at work.  Siti has also learn social skills as she participated in various PLove events, this has helped her gain confidence in herself and also interacting with the public.

from Siti Hanifah's family

Raj is a 19-year-old youth with cerebral palsy. He is a helpful person who loves to help his friends and teachers. Raj enjoys singing, dancing and playing soccer in his free time. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Raj is more than happy to help his fellow apprentices when working in the studio. Raj also enjoys being a facilitator for the workshops that PLove has conducted for the general public as he gets to share his skills with other people.

Raj joined PLove as an apprentice in Jan 2017. He has found his experience in PLove enriching and takes pride in imparting the crafting skills he has acquired during workshops. He values the friendships that he has forged during his apprenticeship in PLove.

from Rajkiran's family

Siti Raudhah is a 19-year-old teenager with cerebral palsy. She is a cheerful and helpful girl who enjoys interacting with her peers and adults alike. Always ready with a smile, Siti lends a helping hand to whomever she sees is in need. As a member of the school’s “Special Arts Club”, Siti loves painting and many of her masterpieces have been used for public exhibitions.

Siti joined PLove as an apprentice in mid-June 2017.  Though she is triplegic, she has learnt to adapt to using mainly one hand to sew leather craft works.  Journeying with PLove has provided her with many great opportunities to increase her social circle and she often looks forward to coming to work at PLove. 

from Siti Raudah's family
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